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We specialise in creating accessible online training for the creative industry. With over 20 years experience teaching digital sculpting we have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Ipad Sculpting for Beginners

This is our signature course and is aimed at anyone wanting to learn to sculpt on an iPad.

Create a Trex on your iPad

Our second iPad course is all about how to create a Tyrannosaurus rex. There are loads of workflow tips and tricks and 2 bonus videos to keep you busy.

Creative Collective

Purchase any course and get access to our private creative forum. Meet other students, share your work in progress and get support in a safe environment.

Our signature Ipad course

Did you know you can sculpt and paint in 3D on your iPad with an Apple Pencil? Download Nomad Sculpt from the App store and start learning to sculpt right now.

Moving up

Aimed at people who have at least got a basic understanding of digital sculpting, hopefully from our first course.  This course is full of important workflow techniques that will help you advance and be ready for more complex projects.

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